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8 thoughts on “Word for the Day”

      1. Happy Day to you, my dear sister Looploo! 🙂 I am doing much better now… pain is still there, but back to the ‘normal’ pain that I am used to LOL that ‘flare up’ was rough! But there are always worse things and I am extremely thankful that God keeps me in His protection and care!! 😀 Thanks for asking!! I hope you and yours are doing well too!

  1. Am doing well my friend and for that I give God all the glory. I fell down my back steps day before yesterday and all I could think of was to call my Pastor and get on the prayer line. He prayed for me over the phone and the pain started going away almost immediately. It was a very hard fall and I still have several bruise, but hardly any pain. God is great my friend!!!!!

    1. Oooh I’m so sorry, falling down steps is not good 😦 BUT the praise report you just gave, WOW, it HOLY ROCKnROLLS! Glory to GOD, yes He is our most Awesome and Faithful Friend, through the valleys, on the mountains and every place in between!

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