Blessings from trials

I pray this will bless your heart today.


Blessings happen even when we at first don’t realize it.  Sometimes blessings come out of trials.  I found this to be true.

We had really been struggling with some physical issues with Larry.  His back pain caused so many issues with walking and tightness.  After speaking with his Rehab Dr, he prescribed a new medication to try to alleviate some of the nerve pain he was dealing with.  He has been on this medicine maybe 4 months and it is helping.  But as with all medicines, it does have side effects and one of those is it is loosening some muscles a little too much.  This has caused other issues we didn’t have.

The blessing in it is this, we were able to find a solution for our “problem” that actually has made life so much easier for us both.  The solution was something we knew we could do but…

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