Do Not Disturb!

Priorities are crucial to life. To take each activity and weigh its importance against others, then attend to them in their order of value can save us heartache, as I learned the hard way…

With all the self-righteous gusto of a “good” homeschool mom, I posted a note on both doors into our home. It stated,

“We value our study time and appreciate it when you do as well. Please do not interrupt us between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.”

This was done primarily because of “inconsiderate” family members who would drop in, not understanding how their “quick” visit disrupted the rest of the day. We were unable to resume studies with the same enthusiasm once we were interrupted.

I hate to say this, but my mom was the greatest (okay, she was the only) violator of our study time. She frequently showed up during those hours because it was the only time she didn’t have her six-year-old great-granddaughter with her. (Mom was her guardian.)

I felt a “catch” in my spirit when I put up the signs. Every time I saw one of them, I sensed the Lord saying, “Take that down!” To obey His instruction seemed counter-productive. I ignored that small inner voice and left the notices in place.

By October, I couldn’t take the feeling of being disobedient anymore. Besides, my “polite” request was completely ignored by my Mom. She showed up several days each week.

Because my dad was out of town, she was left with a half-acre of oak leaves and acorns to clean up by herself. It felt wrong to keep our noses stuck in books when I knew she was trying to rake and dispose of the fall mess. (That year there were 50 trashcans full of acorns alone!) We opted to spend time giving her the help she needed, and let academics take back seat. Am I ever thankful.

How I wish I had those first two months to do over again…permitted my mom to drop in for a cup of coffee whenever she felt like it without feeling like she was a bother. Soon she wasn’t “interrupting” us anymore. She moved to heaven on March 5, 2005.

I learned a valuable lesson the hard way that year. Loved ones are infinitely more important than any amount of learning. Obedience, especially when it makes no logical sense, can save us a great deal of guilt, grief, and shame.

Don’t make the same mistake. As it is said: A word to the wise is sufficient.


Praise Jesus

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