Yesterday’s Dung is Today’s Fertilizer

Through clenched teeth I said, “You’ll pay for that. I will get even. You’re going to be sorry you were ever born.

It wasn’t the first time, and wouldn’t be the last, that I made vows like these.

Of course, as with most fights, “kiss and make up” follows. That makes everything better, right?


Sometimes not.

The thought, I will get even, can linger long after things are supposedly patched up.

The question we never bother to ask is, “How?”

What could possibly be done to repay the “debt” accrued to the offender’s account?

But I want an apology. I want to see them grovel, and beg for forgiveness.

And if they did?

Would their apology make time roll back? Erase words spoken in a fit of anger? Undo abuse, rape, infidelity?

Okay, now that you’ve said you’re sorry it never happened.”

Don’t you wish life worked that way?

That which has been done cannot be undone. Why don’t we understand this? (Me most of all!)

Now what?

We’re left with a decision to make.

1) We can carry resentment and unforgiveness – which will lead to bitterness that will eat us alive physically, taint every aspect of our life, and defile every person we come into contact with.

(Meanwhile, the offender has forgotten the incident and is going on with their happy little life…and we? We remain enslaved to him or her for the rest of our life.)


2) We can do the hard work of extending forgiveness. Place the matter into the Lord’s hands and actually trust that He will make this right in His time and in His way.

(Free to live life in the present, not chained to the past.)

Oh, do I ever know that this is not an easy thing of which I speak. Most of my life I’ve had, not just one offender, but a whole busload of them to pack around on my back. Some of the things they’ve done are vile and cruel…punishable by law. Yet, they walk freely through life without giving their actions a second thought.

Everything in me screams in protest when I consider letting go of their offenses. No one else is going to make them pay, how can I possibly release them?

Want to know how that’s going for me?

Hmm. I’m imprisoned…

…and they’re enjoying life. Most of them haven’t given me a thought in years…decades even.

{In other words, not very well!}

I saw this saying the other day, and it deeply resonated with me:

Don’t let the past

and useless details

choke your existence.

Note that it does not say, insignificant. The atrocities were certainly not insignificant. They were evil and caused deep wounds.

However, they have also served to shape us into the people we are today. They’ve done their work. We don’t need them anymore. They are useless.

As I travel “Blogtopia,” I find people in various states of repair. Some are stuck in the past, but many have grown strong as a result of their history. Their amazing ministries sprang up from the garbage heap of yesterday. All the “crap” they lived through serves as fertilizer for their verdant growth: far-reaching tendrils, and bountiful fruit.

If we are “new creatures in Christ,” the day we were born again we became dead to what took place before – if we want to be. We can rise up from the grave of baptism with a brand new life. Our genesis need not be tinged with the fiery red of hatred, the deep purple of resentment, or the black of bitterness and unforgiveness.

We, of all people, can live in light and love.

For once we became children of God, every evil in our past fell away – a useless detail. History need not have the power to control us ever again – if we want it that way.

Rebirth does not erase the abuses, the offenses, the sins committed against us…

…but God…


…but God comes with healing in His wings. What they meant for evil, God means for good. The Bible is replete with examples of this…

…and He does not change.

Why let the past, which we cannot alter, determine how we will live our “todays?”

Let go of the useless details and reach out to a world that desperately needs to know that Jesus can take yesterday’s dung and turn it into today’s fertilizer!

(Thank you for reading my ramble. These are brand-new thoughts rattling around in my head. I sense the fresh wind of freedom in them…just haven’t quite grasped the truth of this for myself.)


Praise Jesus!


6 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Dung is Today’s Fertilizer”

  1. Brilliant parable and a clear message! Jesus intended for the forgiveness instruction to be a healing blessing for “us” not the offender. Jesus deals with the offender in His perfect way that is always successful regardless of our opinion or thoughts. We hold the cards and remain in misery while Jesus deals the cards that obey His every command. I refuse to be hostage to the dirty dealing of the devil…. his cards are bust every time and for all time. I’m betting on the King of kings, he deals with honest hands and trumps the dirty deeds of the devil! I don’t have to give place to the slough, the King deals the final card!!
    You better know that is from God… I’m not a card player much beyond go fish… I’ll leave the dealing to God knowing that He wins the round however He sees fit and I will walk on with my head held high not looking back at the oppressor…. who will fold and God wins and that means I win! Give a shout out !!!

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