What shortcut am I taking?

A shortcut to work?  A shortcut at work with my work?  Am I shortcutting my family/friends?  Do I shortcut my responsibilities whether at home, work or church?  What about my relationship with God?  Am I shortcutting that too?

First, some shortcuts are wonderful, needed and very helpful.  But some are not.  I was thinking about my relationship to Christ and how I came to know Him.

At first, I just thought that since I knew there was a God, and if I believed in Him, I was going to be all right.  I just trust in God and I get my free pass to Heaven.  Ummm… no, not going to happen.  A wonderful Saint, who has gone on to be with Jesus, explained I could not shortcut my attempt to get to Heaven to be with God.  I figured it was God & me and that was all I needed, right?

Well, not exactly.  She explained to me that God is Holy, perfect, pure and unattainable in my sinful state.  What??  She went on to explain that you just can’t “go to God”.  That would be taking a shortcut that does not exist.  She said there is one Man between the Holy God and that is the Person of Jesus Christ.

She went on to explain to me that it was like a valley, with me standing on one edge, the open gorge and the Holy God on the other side.  She said I had no access to the Holy God if I did not use the bridge that God had ordained to be used.  She told me that if I accepted Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross as my payment for my sins, repented and asked for forgiveness, Jesus would gain me the access I could not get on my own.  There is no shortcut to God.  We must go through Jesus.

I have heard people say they “found God”, but they don’t mention Jesus.  First, when did God get lost? We are lost, not Him.  And then I think that maybe they mean they have come to know Him.  But how can they get to know God, if they don’t know Jesus?

Looking back at an old Hymnal, so many of those great hymns spoke of following Jesus, being a soldier of the cross, and that we lay down our lives for Jesus as thanks for all He has done for us.  I am just bewildered that we in the church are becoming “politically correct” so that we don’t offend anyone with Jesus’ name.  If I only talk about GOD, and research shows 90% of the people believe in “God”, am I shortcutting  Jesus out of the picture, so that I don’t offend anyone and everyone is happy?

Jesus knew that there was and would aways be opposition to Him.  But that didn’t make him shortcut the system and say, ‘”Ok GOD, you take over now, they don’t like me and my message, you handle it from here.”

Jesus didn’t take a shortcut, even though his life was uncomfortable and uneasy at times.  We can’t either.  The world needs to know the truth, that Jesus is Way, the Truth and The Life, and when He says no one comes to the Father, except through me, He isn’t kidding.   And He even goes a step further to say that if we abide in Him, He will abide in us.  Unless we are wearing the righteousness of Christ, we have no access to GOD.

There is no shortcut to God, only the path that the LORD GOD Almighty made for us, it is known as the “Narrow Gate”, and His name is Jesus.


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