Song of the Morning (based on Psalm 59:16)

sing in morningPsalm 59:16 (Click here to read in other versions). Here is a ‘poem’ I just wrote based on this Psalm:


With each new day that dawns comes
A bright, shining testament to the faithful Creator
Who holds all things together
Who turns the universe at his command
Who orders the sun, moon and earth to remain on a steady course.
I must speak to my dull soul and tell myself
To sing! To shout!
To delight in the steadfast and unfailing love
Of the God who loves unworthy me.
Sing O my soul!
That his glory might be displayed
That his character might be known
That he is compassionate and slow to anger
That he is mighty to save.
Sing O my soul!
And tell out the Lord’s name!
He is a fortress, a shield
A place of safety in troubled times.
Blessed am I in the refuge of his wings.

Blessings from Ros (sevennotesofgrace)


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